Favorite Moments

I’ve enjoyed everything throughout these past months of wedding planning. From the moment Z asked me to marry him to this very second of capturing it all on my blog. Yes, I kid you not. No, I’m not lying. Everything. All of it has been enjoyed. I only wish that I could slow time down and bottle each and every moment up.

However, there are a few things that stick out in my mind that are a little more memorable than others. A few moments where I stop, pause, and am thankful I have that moment captured in a photo. Some of these most treasured moments are below.

At my bachelorette dinner my dad made an appearance and we shared a shot!

Cupcake date with a great friend + pa!

A priceless moment.

Absolutely love how elated and excited this picture shows.

Moments not captured in photograph but engraved in the heart:

  • The other night when Z took me in his arms and rest his head atop mine. Calming me, telling me not to stress. Asking if we were ready.
  • Z asking “What’s up for tomorrow?” as he was leaving after a night filled with a wedding project.
  • Opening gifts at our couples shower together.
  • During the TC 10 mile run, seeing Z and my mom at the 5 mile mark. And again, Z strides before I crossed the finish line. Proud, supportive and loving.
  • The phone call from my Aunty on Oct 1 starting the conversation with: “Can you believe it?! Eeee!”

All moments. Moments to be remembered forever and always close to my heart.

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