Excerpt from the heart: lessons learned

Stand by me; love will guide the way.

People never cease to amaze me. Yet, at times I know better; almost expected. One thing along this enjoyable journey has not been oh-so enjoyable. Actually, it’s been quite disheartening when I stop to think about it.

People. Friends, family, family friends, acquaintances. All people.

There’s something about weddings that brings out the (insert word here) of people. What that is? I’m not sure. At times, it’s the best of an individual. Surprising you and warming your heart. Quite frankly, at times it’s been the worse. What you least expect jarring at your inner skin. There’s been a mix of emotions, learning moments and truths revealed.

Whether people realize it or not is beyond me. I don’t play the bride card. I all too often care too much. And, for the most part have taken everything with a grain of salt. What matters is Z and I. What we want, what we are doing and how we are celebrating.

Yes, folks have flat out disappointed us. Those who we thought would be 100% supportive and involved have taken a seat on the bench. While others, unbenounced to us, have stepped up to the plate to be the home run hero. I suppose it all balances out, right?

But those moments, the jarring moments are stingers. Disappointment? Maybe. Reality, more likely. The truth; exactly. People are who they are. They do not make a world go round. Friends will come and go; family will be, well family. Sure, I may wish things differently, but what good will that do? Only cause dwelling. It is what it is. And as Z says, “I’m not going to worry about it”.

While people continue to amaze me; I continue to outdo myself. Sitting here 16 days out without a care in the world. My mind calm, not worry about fitting into my dress – I’m actually worried it may be too big! Thank you Twin Cities 10 mile training. I’m anxious but not stressed. I’ve delegated, accepted help and out did myself. Now that is something to spend an extra minute of thinking on.

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