Prepared to Party v.260

Two. Six. Zero. What a fine number, right? Two hundred and sixty. Oh cut the crap, I have to come to terms with it at some point, right?


This week has been quite the money week! Funny thing is, I haven’t had the slightest bit of hesitation of handing over the credit card. Strange, right? Granted, I’ve been saving my life away for the last 14 months. Or perhaps, I see the perks of getting all those points! Can you imagine what I can do with them? TRAVEL bug is attacking.

Sure, we’ll probably end up with just enough for two tickets with the way things work out in pointland. But, I’m forever optimistic with it. If I spend enough and wait long enough, it’ll be enough. Right? We shall see.

All too friendly credit card.

Or, perhaps the overall anticipation of charging it to the credit card is because I have long since used it on a regular basis. Am I starting an addiction? Then again, I have quite the snazzy card – two adorable kittens done the top. You can’t help but to spend happy with a photo like that. I’ve been wanting to change the card. Maybe I should put a photo I don’t like so much on it so I’m not as prone to use it?! How about that, credit card companies?! How’s that for reverse psychology!

Reality check, please. My happy spending is simply perfection being played out. I’m thoroughly enjoying it and obviously, we’ve budgeted properly, executed saving and well, WE ARE READY TO PAR-TAY with each and every 260 guests.

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