Tuxes have arrived!

helping my ring security look the part. #classy

I was greeted with a little nugget in my inbox the other day. There it was. Another sway of reality putting this time into perspective – this is really happening. The first tux had arrived for the one and only Mr. Lucas.

*Insert squeally flip-flop stomach feeling here*

Alas, after the first email, three more emails popped up within 24 hours! So, being the typical Ashley that I am, off we went the very next day to get that tux in our hands!  They shop was as surprised as I was when I answered “no, next weekend” to her question: “Is your wedding this weekend?” Oh no, it’s definitely not. The tuxedo gods just must know me all too well – we’re both the plan a head type.

With mamma (aunty) and Lexi in toe, we watched as Mr. Lucas transferred into a mini man before our eyes in a tuxedo – suspenders and all!

final touches to make it fit.

Love that she captured the moment and didn’t even know she made my entire world in doing so. Maybe, just maybe, the girls with their phones will be a good thing. From the get go, I was on the No Phone Zone bandwagon. Do I dare thing twice?

Quite studly, if I do say so myself.

One down, quite a few more to go! Thank you tuxedo gods for watching my back. Next up?

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