List, tasks + itineraries – Oh My!

Tasks for the brother of the bride.

I spent a good amount of my day yesterday creating lists, lists and more lists! Basically, a big fat brain dump. Writing my lists of lists I needed to make, things to do errands to run. I completely adore writing lists out and I thoroughly enjoy crossing things off! Extra, work? Perhaps. But nothing beats the satisfaction of crossing an item off the list!

Lists of lists to cross off and have peace of mind. While the big ticket items are done and set aside, the million little things are alive and active. Still getting a hand on things before craziness sets in and last-minute items become a sea of confusion, frustration and doing things just to get them done.

I still am staying a stride ahead. And feeling 100% confident in my delegating choices – a new skill I’m mastering. Well, learning to do so and be comfortable. Ha!

Last night, as I was awaiting my brother’s infamous appearance on Jay Leno. Say wha? 

Mr. Hollywood himself giving a 5-er in front of Jay Leno. #nbd

Yes, yes. He’s quite the Cali guy these days. First the Price is Right. Now, Leno. What’s next? Oh yes, my wedding.

I’ve been knee deep in lists and assigning tasks and finalizing itineraries! Ey yi yi. But! It’s a passion. I love it. And there will be no one left in unknown seas – unsure of where to go, what to do or when to be where. It’ll all be off my plate and into the hands of others. Scary – for me to delegate so diligently. Alas, I’m learning. And, getting quite excited, a bit apprehensive and a little nervous of the day flying by as I craft my lists.

Absolutely, positively cannot wait! 2 days until my brother’s in town; one week til BFOTB rolls into town and  n i n e  d a y s  until we say I do!

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