I do. We did. Now what?

photo credit to Eileen K Photography

We tied the knot! We said I do. We have and will hold each other now until death  do us part. With all the plans done, to-do list crossed off and the big shin-dig done, what’s next?

Time has never felt so good. Days have never passed so slowly. My cheeks haven’t hurt from smiling and laughing as much as I have in the past two weeks for a long time. The storm has settled and here we are. Mr and Mrs. Husband and wife. A to Z.


New lists are being made, my basement is still filled strewn with wedding and I’m still a Cassidy. Sure, my days are no longer filled with décor projects, programs or any “fun” things. Yet, they are still things that need to get done. Some more fun than others.

From I do to I have to what?

Paperwork, lines & more money.

I knew there’d be lag work to be done. You know, the fun stuff.. W4s, driver’s license, benefits, banking accounts, credit cards, etc. But there wasn’t a list made. Oops! I got through Sunday morning and I threw lists to the wind! I’ve kind of gone at it as a first come first serve. What comes to mind first, happens first.  Then again, I may be creating a list as I finish typing.

Clean-up & organization.

I gave great effort into keep things organized and tidy throughout the process. Even into the day or so after. But, then enter all the random reception items you sent home with random family members.. Bye, thank you for coming, please take this crap with you. Add in the gift opening, mail, anything else in the house and Yikes! It gets out of hand, and fast!

Thank yous.

I’ll admit, I hadn’t thought about thank yous until just the other day. No, they are not all done. Unlike my shower thank yous, sent the next day (I kid you not!) our wedding thank yous will not be as prompt. Timely, yes. I’m working on final vendor thank yous, favorite vendor tips and all family and friend thank yous who went above and beyond on the day of. Our gift thank yous will come later. Oh yes, I do have a plan.


I’ve never slept so much in my life. Every morning I feel as though I could sleep another couple hours. How is that? Well, I did just spend 15 months planning a wedding that had no detail left unturned. That’s how. Just call me sleeping beauty. If  I’m not at work, at a sister or brother’s sporting game or on the couch watching TV (Z watches, I’m on the computer) I’m sleeping.

Practice makes perfect.

I still can’t sign my last name for the life of me. And saying it? Ha! I come across as not knowing my own name. Or, purposefully announcing I’m recently married. All in due time, I suppose. Just as all the other ‘natural’ wife instincts.. starting with claiming the name.

The days of planning, anticipating and constant doing, going and pinning are gone. Well, besides the pinning. I’m in full pin-swing – thank you Christmas! So yes, I am in a lull, what was my life for 15 months is no longer. Now, now I have the time to do all that I put on the ‘after the wedding’ list. But first, I think I will enjoy learning this life of being a wife, enjoy the holidays and start the new year with the best and most meaning new years resolution.

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