A to Z Wedding Review: Reception Venue

Vendor: Fountains of Ramsey
Location: Ramsey, Minnesota
Rating: four stars


The start of reception venue search was one of my favorite memories from wedding planning. I spent hours at the coffee shop sipping coffee, researching locations, scavenging TheKnot.com for ratings, amenities and reviews. Either by myself or with Z across from me, coffee + wedding talk = bliss!

As I mentioned, I used The Knot for our venue search. Being the inexperienced bride-to-be that I was, The Knot was everything I wished for and more. One of the best features that caught me was the ability to search by price range. Page after page, I started my first of many excel spreadsheets.

From The Knot I was a free for all searching websites for photos, prices, if there, and email inquiries. We were able to narrow it down to three to go tour and investigate from a few requirements: cost, golf course, proximity to our homes and size. Real, simple right? I suppose I would throw in familiarity, too.

It was love at first sight with our first venue. Location, cost, maximum capacity, fees, or lack there of, and aesthetics: larger than life dance floor, 4 years old, windows and openness. Where do we sign, please?

Rather than rushing into things, we sought out the other two venues on our list of tours. But we’re not impressed with them. With two options that we would like to have, we decided to go with our gut. In the back seat of the car, we decided on the count of three.. One, two, three… Unanimously, the Fountains of Ramsey was chosen. A quick call later and it was ours!

After our reception, I couldn’t imagine it at another location! Sure, it wasn’t a golf course, but obviously, dancing trumped gulf. The first, and probably only, time that will happen.

We admired these pros of the Fountains of Ramsey:
+ Aesthetics: large dance floor, young building, openness, windows
+ In-house catering – the food was amazing!
+ No hidden fees
+ Affordable cost, great quality
+ Friday night specials.

And, there are a few cons , but not enough to ruin our fun:
+ Communication was lacking. However, I’m a communication goddess.
+ Website outdated and not reflective of their capability
+ Rude service to guests

All said and done, we are very pleased with our venue and would recommend it, with a few words of caution. Best of all, we came in under budget for what we allocated to reception venue + food from our overall budget! Winner winner, chicken dinner!

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