A to Z Wedding Review: Church

Venue: Brooklyn Park Evangelical Free Church
Location: Brooklyn Park, Minnesota
Rating: four stars

photo credit: Eileen K Photography

Both Z and I have grown up in religious households – different in their respects. Z grew up going to a Baptist church and in the most recent years had rarely gone. I grew up in the Catholic Church, attending catholic school, church every Sunday and in the most recent years attending a handful of times a year. Sure, we have a baseline of belief and spirituality; however, nowhere near what we want it to be.

With little to no ties to the churches we did attend and our own interest in growing our faith and fulfilling our spiritual needs, we decided to find a church of our own. I had one in mind that I had attended in past years and so it was the second church we attended and the church we call ‘ours’.

For us, it was important to immerse ourselves in the church deeper than the host site of our marriage ceremony. We wanted a place we felt comfortable in, a church we could call our own; to grow and strengthen our spirituality. Brooklyn Park E-Free was this place. With the help of our Pastor, we settled in on Sunday mornings, started our couples counseling and anxiously awaited our day to celebrate our love and commence our future together in the gorgeous humble sanctuary.

To be honest, I teetered once in a while on our decision. Shouldn’t we get married in a church that is picturesque? Has history with our family? A church that has a tie to our parents and grandparents? Ultimately, we decided no. This was our journey – our wedding, our spirituality, our relationship with Christ.

There were a few cons to the church, of which we made due. Both you may consider questionable; however, it is what it is – my opinion. It was expensive. No way to skirt that. Big price tag on this church and with it came a bit of stuff, but still a good chunk of change. And, a knit-picky thing is that the dressing rooms for the day-of were the kids’ nurseries and right next to each other. Really? Talk about a photo bomb.

And there were pros to the church we chose. The size of the church was welcoming, accommodating and our style – new, fresh, cutting edge with technology I may even say. Talking of technology, we were surprised with a disc with the entire audio of the ceremony crisp and clear. Perfect for our fabulous musician and pianist and not to mention our exchange of vows. And, a perfect nurturing for our spiritual souls seeking connection, comfort and guidance.


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