A to Z Wedding Review: Photographer!

Vendor: Eileen K Photography
Location: NE Minneapolis (studio); traveler
Rating: five stars!

Eileen K Photography

Photographer. Ah, yes.. my favorite thing! Albeit my favorite, it was one of my most stressful items to fill. Why? Because I had to have the perfect photographer to capture the perfect moments; all of the moments. No pressure, right? Say that again as I almost went into a panic attack searching for a decent and affordable photographer. I’m sure I probably came off as a crazy in the beginning, too.

Crazy as I may have been, our photographer won our hearts in many ways, especially the fact that she’d take time to meet with us for a second time! Seriously? I’m not sure who would give me the time of day after our first meeting where I sat shattering nonstop over coffee and my huge wedding binder. That’s a winner!

As I said, this was one of my hardest decisions, right up there with a personal assistant. However, I couldn’t be happier with our choice! We splurged a little on our photographer – and so worth it! Making the decision came down to a couple of things:


Photos speak louder than words, especially when it’s your wedding and their job. Taking a look at the work that has been done does not lie. Seeing it in print only solidified my love of this new friend I was making! Edgy and whimsical, with a spin of tradition and hints of creativity, yes please!


The first thing that comes to mind when I think of our photographer is her laugh – we laughed a lot! Or, she laughed with me – or maybe at me – nearly every second of our time together. A contagious laugh is a great way to start a connection. Add in her raw interest in me as a person, our wedding and her genuine effort to connect with us via email, phone or in person and we couldn’t help but be 100% comfortable with her and allow her to capture us as us.


Unfortunately, everything in the wedding has a price tag to consider. No matter what it is or what it’s for, price was a factor in every decision. It didn’t necessarily make or break a decision; however, it was a factor in our discussions and final choices. The best way to look at it with photography is that it is an investment. These photos are something that you will have forever– in most cases.

Eileen K Photography

It’s hard for me to be critical of things that I absolutely adore. However, I want to be 100% unbiased and look at things with a critical clear-cut view.


I guess, since you’re twisting my arm, there are a few things that I would highly recommend considering when choosing your photographer, how many hours you need and what should make or break your decision. I would defiantly consider the number of hours you need. Do you really need those few photos of you and the girls sitting around waiting to get ready? Mind you, if you love photographs as much as me, you are bound to have a few friends in the wedding who love it almost as much as you and could capture some jaw-dropping moments, too.

Have clear communication of what you want or don’t want. Our photographer was very specific on asking us what we liked, didn’t like; what we wanted to do or not do. We ended up tossing the dipping photos out because, well, Z and I are not the most graceful dipping couple. In fact, she sent us home from our engagement shoot with homework – practice your dips. We did… once… Z dropped me. The end. Don’t be afraid to send photo examples of what you want – you’ll get something very similar with your own spin on it and love it!

Overall, remember two things. This is an investment to the key that unlocks all of your memories from your very special day. Don’t be afraid of the dollar signs. And, have a connection with your photographer so that you are 100% comfortable with them on your day.


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