A to Z Wedding Review: DJ

Vendor: Midwest Sound
Location: St. Paul (office); traveler
Rating: five stars!


Let’s begin with stating this was Z’s job. You know, fairly simple. Maybe a little fun. Why not let the groom choose the music; the heartbeat of the party. Ha! I’d say it lasted a whopping month. Then again, it kind of fell into my lap.

I was visiting a friend a few hours away for a girls day – wedding show, lunch, and good ole conversation. Being that it was a good 2 hrs away I didn’t have great expectations for walking away with a check mark on my to-do list. I was going for a good, fun time.

Well, two vendor tables in and I was sick of being clearly labeled “the bride” that all vendors hounded on. I kept my distance and let my friends, who would later be nominated as my bridesmaids, do the talking. And talking they did. Talked me right into the great deal being set in my lap.

Honestly, I had no expectations or requirements for our DJ. I cared enough that I dint want an ipod and not enough to have a live band. DJ it was. And quite frankly, we lucked out. Our DJ was beyond everything we wanted. He was a jack of all traits: DJ, reception coordinator and friend. Heck, he greated us as we were exiting the party bus at the reception. Have I said our DJ was awesome?

The best thing about it, we got more than half off! To get the best deal, I recommend going to a wedding show. Talk the talk or just listen to what they have to say. I was definitely in the right place at the right time. And I’d recommend our DJ on a heartbeat. Fun, professional, structured and yes, sometimes too energetic. It didn’t hurt that our venue was on the top 10 venues they play at. Knowing the ropes is an additional plus.

There are things to be picky about and things to be carefree on. Choose wisely. Maybe you’re a music-box and reception music is top priority. Not us. We appreciate music and love a deal. Not all deals will leave you 100% satisfied and willing to tip 20%.

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