A to Z Wedding Review: Save the Dates

Vendor: Family friend
Location: Minneapolis
Rating: five stars!

handmade save the dates.

Full closure, I have the best – let me repeat, THE BEST, contact for paper and printing. A fabulous family friend blessed me with fabulous gifts throughout our planning process. All paper and printing was either provided for me or done on my own with an HP ink-jet printer. Say whaaa? Yes. I kid you not.

For our Save the Dates, I paid for postage. The photos were taken by a friend. The design was done by none other than me! And the paper and printing was done by the D-master, as I will call him.

As you know, finding my photographer was no small fete. So, as you can imagine, to have things done in a timely fashion and to get the fall engagement photos that I was craving, I had two e-sessions. One, a great friend (and bridesmaid) shot for us and the second was done by Ms. Eileen. Can it get any better than that? I don’t think so.

Being the creatively sneaky gal I am, I timed our save the dates with Christmas – two birds with one stone. Sure, the save the dates were mailed super early; however, two things to consider: one, it’s me – hellooo! And two, it was a combo: Christmas, announcement and save the date! It’s our wedding and it was far from traditional. Bam bam!

Putting my mastermind to work, I designed a postcard Save the Date with a little pun on marriage and Christmas. I couldn’t resist; I’m a little corny like that! Nothing too fancy, just a bit of creativity, a staple computer program and wa-la! Done.

I would recommend not spending more than you have to on Save the Dates. Sure, they can be cute and sometimes useful; a magnet actually comes in handy in our household. But, in all honesty, they just get lost or tossed. Besides the ones you keep and frame and scrapbook. And, the occasional gift such as the one we received from a dear friend.

handmade save the date

Be simple, chic-cheap and consider if they are necessary. If so, consider your options: postcard vs. normal letter or even more (if heavy or oddly shaped). Never underestimate the power of Microsoft programs – you can do wonders. And, perhaps investing in a decent if not good printer will be a great long-term investment if you plan to print a lot of items yourself for the wedding.

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