DIY Repurposed Chalkboard Signs


photo by Eileen K Photography

I had a hard time deciding what to do with the church for my wedding. I didn’t want to spend a ton of money, have floral arrangements or floor items. I did ow ever, want to stick to my theme and not venture off too much. Well, that leaves a very slim window of opportunity.

My lightbulb went off on a trip to Michael’s – before I grew to dislike the craft store. While perusing the clearance section I ran across white/cream tin signs with a beach themed sayings on each. For nearly a buck a buck a piece, I couldn’t pass them up! Little did I know just how much work this inexpensive purchase would bring me.

Luckily, I handed them off to a fabulous Aunty of mine who is a pro at peeling and refinishing pieces. Nothing a little GooGone can’t fix! So with a little elbow grease, the paper signs plastered to the metal disappeared. A little sanding and spray painting later and we had a perfectly blank canvas!

Throw on a couple coats of chalkboard paint, I used Martha Stewart’s simply because it was on sale BOGO at the craft store! Done deal. I brushed it on eyeballing the size of the rectangle since I wanted a bit of an imperfect look. Let dry. Add bow. Smear some chalk on it and wahla!

Next brain stumper was deciding on phrases to write on each. I went a little cliche and wrote love phrases, our date and our names. I ran into a minor problem as it seemed my counting skills were not in prime shape. I was off a bit when we went to set up the church before rehearsal. No worries, we substituted with simple bows to change it up. Crisis averted.


photo by Eileen K Photography

Best part about these decorations is I can reuse them and not throw them away or donate them to the Goodwill! I can use them around the house for decoration, gift them as Christmas gifts or save them to rent to others’ who would like to use them for their event.

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