A to Z Wedding Review: Say Yes to the Dress


photo by Eileen K Photography

Like most bride-to-bes, I flipped many magazine pages looking for the perfect dress. I circled, folded and tore out many pages. All of course were small aspects I thought I may like. Unlike many bride-to-bes, I giddy not fantasize about my dream dress as a child. I had absolutely no idea.

I did however, have a nightmare or two. One of which was about my dress, long before I had my dress. It was quite the laugh if I do say so myself. Not quite enough to scare me for real.

So after a handful of months, a stack of torn pages and much anticipation I made the appointment and headed to the shop! With my newly appointed maid of honor and my mom in tow, we were in David’s Bridal ready to browse.

I’m not much of a fashionista. I like to wear comfy clothes with a twist of fashion. I’m careful to find pieces that are flattering to my body rather than trying to fit the piece. And, I’m a clearance snob. I love me a good deal! Less is more and accessories are the way to finish an outfit. So for me, it was important to stay true to who I was and find a dress that was flattering to my body, simple yet gorgeous and comfortable to boot!

And, of course within my budget. Seeing that I had 8 girls to dress with a few out of town, I needed a central shop to ease the process of bridesmaid dress shopping and something that was affordable. Lets be honest, how many bridesmaid dresses can or will ever be worn again?

David’s Bridal was right up my alley. Sure, I’ve heard horror stories from others. I’ve had a bit of a struggle in the past, but nothing to turn me away. Knowing this, I would be ahead of the game – when am I not? and tackle it before issues arose. The price was right, locations accommodating and sizes and styles exactly what we needed.

I had a few pages of dresses that appealed to me. I was almost certain i wanted strapless and less was more. My girls were awesome in helping and giving their opinion. I had it down to three in no time.

One, had cap sleeves but only came in plus sizes so I would have to size it down and wouldn’t know the exact look until it was done – big chance to take.

The second dress was just outside my comfort zone. Which, I was okay with. Sometime it excites me to dip my toe in the water just outside my comfort zone. However, I wasn’t 100% comfortable.

And the third dress was simply chic. Had princess pick-ups and a flattering strapless neckline. Best of all, it was comfortable and flattering! Sold. Throw on the veil and necklace and it was a done deal.


photo by Eileen K Photography

Immediately, I knew the perfect way to jazz it up a itch and make the entire outfit scream Ashley! a sash and statement earrings. While I looked into custom sashes, I decided not to spend the money when I could get one just as nice for a third of the cost.

In typical Ashley fashion, my dress was on sale and a part of the special going on. I paid a third of what my budget allowed for my dress, veils and garment bag. Say whaaat? Yes, I remind you, I’m a clearance snob; deals seem me out!

As for alterations, you ask? I assumed I’d need some done. I went in only to find my dress completely perfect. Length and fit. Yes. I kid you not. I even had a bit of room to spare and had all the carbs I wanted the week before the wedding. I did not crash diet. Rather, I trained and ran a 10 mile 3 weeks before my wedding because I wanted to. I had my sash stitched on and sewn into my zipper and paid $30.

I absolutely enjoyed my dress the day of. I felt like a princess, loved picking up my pick-ups and marveled in the complete image – make up, hair, earrings, dress and shoes. At the end of the night I did not want take it off. I wanted to keep it all together. And the photos… They make me fall in love all over again. With my dress… and husband too!


photos by Eileen K Photography

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