A to Z Wedding Review: Bridesmaid Dresses

photo by Eileen K Photography

photo by Eileen K Photography

I did not realize how loaded this post was going to be when I was planning the December content calendar. Apparently, there are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to bridesmaids: who to choose and why, how many to have, dress color and style, etc. Since this is more of a vendor, high level review and I’ve already given some thought on the others, I will focus the dress color and style.

There are 3 factors to consider when deciding on bridesmaid dresses:

Your favorite colors

The ultimate question: what’s your favorite color? You want to like your color, right? First instinct is to think of your favorite color(s). Unfortunately I’m a rainbow lover. And, the colors that came to mind had been used by other friends’ weddings. Sure, I could have used the color again but I wanted complete authenticity.

The season of your wedding

The season you get married in also may have a factor on your color choice. You don’t necessarily have to stick to the traditional colors; there are a variety of other colors in the same pallet. Since I was getting married at the end of autumn, I went with the dark and rich color scheme and floor length dresses – for most!  Seasonal colors may not be as big of a factor depending on where you live. Florida? Arizona? You could probably pull off spring green or bright pink in November.

Your girls’ skin complexion

I also wanted to considered my girls’ skin complexion in the dress color choice. I wanted them to feel comfortable and look good. My flirtation with mustard yellow stopped at my shoes for this reason.

photo by Eileen K Photography

photo by Eileen K Photography

As I mentioned, I went with David’s Bridal for my dress and for my maids dresses, because the variety, affordability, and location. Convenience and simplicity! Having 8 girls (5 bridesmaids and 3 juniors) I had a variety of ages and body types.  I knew I wanted a variety of dresses so that we had a good mix and they felt comfortable. Therefore, each girl could pick out her own dress as long as the style came in the right color and length.

I kind of fell into the color of peacock for the dress color. And to avoid having too much of 1 color I went with black dresses for the junior bridesmaid – tea length, too! The variety of dress color, length and style gave my wedding party the authenticity I was going for, a great dimension and personality.

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