A to Z Wedding Review: Flowers

Vendor: Creative Blooms
Location: Brooklyn Park, Minnesota
Rating: four stars

photo by Eileen K Photography

photo by Eileen K Photography

I’m not going to lie, flowers was near the bottom of my list. If there were one thing I could toss out altogether, it would be flowers. Obviously, I do not have a green thumb nor am I a gardener, horticulturalist or florist. Sure, I appreciate the occasional dozen roses, but that’s about where it stops.

When it came to flowers for my wedding, I wasn’t all that concerned. I cared enough not to have fake flowers or the typical mum plant. No thank you. Real flowers of some sorts tied together and in our hands. Perfect. No boutonnieres, church décor or centerpieces. Just the girls’ bouquets and the mom/grandma’s corsages.

Getting from not caring to know what to order was a bit of a challenge. However, I had the fabulous assistance of a dear friend who knew a thing or two about floras.  Over coffee we sat and chatted about different types and colors of flowers. Hues of deep, rich purple and full stems would be ideal.

photo by Eileen K Photography

photo by Eileen K Photography

I went to two different florists. One, I met at a local wedding show; the second, was a referral from a family member. And the two could not have been any different. One was structured and business professional; the other a bit flighty and more relaxed. One expensive for a second option and the other under budget for first choice.

Obviously I went with the latter – under budget. Ding! Ding! My floral budget allowed in the curriculum we used for budgeting was outrageous. There was no way I was going to spend that much on flowers. So, I chopped it in half and it worked. I spent less than $500!

flower breakdown

I chose to go a little outside of my comfort zone and went with the more flighty, casual and easy-going florist. A bride could use a good dose of calm in her planning, right? Not to mention she was familiar with the church and would deliver my top choices without a hitch.

I ended up going with an all-white bouquet for myself made up of roses and hydrangea. Simple, elegant and not too flashy. For the girls’ bouquets, we went with the deep hues of purple in hydrangea and lisianthus to give it a little bit of depth. I wanted smaller bouquets as opposed to the lush full-hand bouquets; for my juniors, a smaller version yet. The ladies’ corsages were simple mix of the purple flowers; Z’s boutonniere a chic white rose. Done.

The final products I got were perfect for my taste and expectations. I had a minor problem with the ribbons the flowers were wrapped in not being completely secured; however, we fixed that in a matter of minutes with a simple pin. Done. The flowers lasted for a good week after the wedding, too. The bridesmaid’s bouquets lasting the longest!

AZ004What about the gent’s boutonnieres? I decided to DIY the guys’ boutonnieres with peacock feathers and absolutely fell in love with the end result! For a total of 14 boutonnieres, it cost me maybe $30 if I remember right. This was one of the best decisions I made throughout my planning process! Find my tutorial for DIY peacock boutonnieres here.

My advice to you, go simple, chic and frugal on flowers. They are a nice accent to photos; however, often times no one remembers how to hold them properly or even in a position that looks nearly comfortable. I would suggest doing small clutches as it’s more natural. No one is going to remember your flowers and they may not even make it through the day.

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