A to Z Wedding Review: Honeymoon

When it came to deciding on a honeymoon Z and I were on the same page.. Until we arrived at our resort and he did a freaky Friday with me ready to plan our days and I ok with relaxing, ya mon. We knew we wanted three things in our honeymoon: relaxation + sun, somewhere neither of us have been and we were going to go immediately after the wedding.

I ended up meeting a travel agent by chance. I was not going to go with a travel agent. In fact, we almost went with a Groupon to Costa Rica. With my time and energy being spent on work, planning and creating, a travel agent was the best decision. Someone to do the grunt work and to answer any questions we had. And, to keep us on budget!

Z and I wanted tropical relaxation with lots of sun to bask in. Additionally, we wanted to go somewhere neither of us have been. Considering this would be Z’s fourth trip by plane, the struggle came with my world travels. Jamaica was one of the choices and had the best options for us. Besides, what screams relaxing more than Jamaica mon?!? Relaxation that we would need and enjoy the Sunday after the wedding.

Ocho Rios was the perfect mix of relaxation and tourist excursions. We had plenty of drinks and pool time mixed in with Dunns River Falls and zip lining. It was a mid-size all inclusive resort that accommodated to our every need and let us unwind and enjoy our time as husband and wife.


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