A to Z Wedding Review: Transportation

Vendor: Star Limousine
Location: Twin Cities
Rating: five stars!

Vendor: Discount Party Bus
Location: Minneapolis
Rating: four stars

photo by Eileen K Photography

photo by Eileen K Photography

We went with two different vendors for our wedding transportation. We had a luxury coach to transport the wedding party between the ceremony and reception as well as a “shuttle service” for guests staying at the hotel.

We decided on the luxury coach for between the ceremony as a way to keep the wedding party together and a way to dive straight into the celebrating! Considering we had a fairly large size wedding party, we went for the big guns and got a 24 passenger coach. It allowed us room to maneuver and fit us all fairy comfortably. We had a few extra people hop on so we were plum full! With the red carpet service and the chauffeur escort on and off, we had an excellent experience.

The luxury coach was stocked by my brothers –perrrfect job for the boys! DJ control by B was tolerable with the iPhone hook-up. The playlist not quite up to par. Nonetheless, we jetted off for some fro yo at a local frozen yogurt self-serve. THE BEST IDEA EVER. A handful of our group had yet to visit a fro yo self-serve while half of the group – or just the bride – is nearly addicted. With fro yo creations galore we had the place to ourselves and a photographer at our disposal. Love. Love. Love.

We made a quick pit-stop at a sports bar; however, seeing that we had a handful of minors a few without wallet and the vibe just not right, we ditched the bar just after catching the score of the Gopher Men’s Hockey game. Done. Onto the par-tay! Wrapping up our chauffeur service in true Ashley style dancing to Bye Bye Bye.

The second service we had was also a grand idea – shuttle service between the reception venue and the hotel. While it was just a mile away, we opted not to have to walk along the busy highway at night under the influence. No thank you. We elected to offer a quick shuttle ride back to the hotel where individuals still chose to cross the street – albeit at a stoplight – to extend the party with two-for-ones at the local saloon.

Z and I caught the last shuttle ride as husband and wife and spent the few minutes together in the van taking in the evening while having a save, sober and chauffeured ride.

Both of our vendors were found via recommendations. It seems as though it is the way to go. You drop a name and you drop a few $s off the cost. Our luxury coach was a steal of a deal and came with pristine service and vehicle. Our price point for the 24 passenger luxury coach was $322.50 for the full 2 hours. Yes, I’m serious. No, I’m not kidding.

While Discount Party Bus sounds like a hoax, it was a positive experience for my bachelorette party and so we decided to go with them for the shuttle service as well. Two hours of shuttle service on a Friday night was under $200 with tip. How we managed both of these price points, is beyond me. The fact that we got great deals on the transportation services and were able to pinch our pennies in other categories is the reasons we were able to have both.

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