A to Z Wedding Review: Wedding Registry



When it came time to register, we were all shits and giggles. I mean, seriously, how can you not when you are creating a never-ending wish list! Sure, there’s some strategy to figure out, organization is helpful but in the end there is much variance between the actual registering and managing the registry! Oy!

Z and I decided to register on a whim. We were out to dinner and I threw the idea out there. He took it hook, line and sinker! But, we had to go to a very specific Target. Not just any Target would do – you had to consider which stores were best stocked and had the best variety. Being a Target employee, Z had insight and off we went!

Like I said, it was all fun and games when we walked in grinning ear-to-ear as we said we wanted to register. An hour later, we still found ourselves in the first section – kitchen. Seriously? Yes. Registering is exhausting. And, I wasn’t even scanning! I let Z take the gun and we were off!

I’ve previous given my two-cents on being a registry aficionado and I stand by my words. Be spontaneous, have fun and let him take charge.

What I will add is my thoughts on managing the registry throughout the process. They don’t mention that when you sign up! Oh no, since you’re supposed to register so early, the seasons change, stores change their stock and well, it can be a big fat mess!

Limit your registries.

We chose one sole registry: Target. You know, the home to everything.  I could not live without Target. Additionally, I had an online registry to add knick-knack items here and there from various websites. It was not ideal. Could I have survived without it? Yes. Did I get any items from it? A few. Limit yourself!

Do not delete!

Target wants your business in the end. They sucker you back in with a 20% coupon for all items remaining on your list! Yes, I kid you not! And, for all you Target employees, you can add your Target discount on top of that. And! Target Red card holders – the additional 5%! While we overhauled on our purchase we got a steal of a deal!

Have patience

Many, many times I sat wanting to scream at my computer. No, it’s not instant magic. Should it be? Yes. But everything takes time. Stay calm, if anything, you get a duplicate item. Whatev.

Assign a watch dog

Okay, it is tempting to peek at the registries to see what may have been purchased. But seriously? You know what you registered for – or most of it. Don’t ruin the fun. Besides, it’ll help you in showing genuine excitement when opening gifts! Ask a friend to keep an eye on the registry to make sure your list doesn’t run sparse. And, to track items status: sale, clearance, seasonal.

Target’s registry is fairly handle able. There’s minimal work that will be done as there is no direct competition. Target is Target. It’s like Apple. People live with the minor issues because we’re in a culture that can’t survive without it. Best of luck! Happy gifting!

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