Christmas Cheer + A Tuxedo Review

Why limit Christmas to a single day – or two, weekend, OK, or even a month! It’s the most wonderful time of year! Why not extend the holiday spirit, celebration and love that oozes out of us at this time of year? I’m game if you are. And you should be since I still owe you nearly half of your gift!

Can we say busy? Sure, the holiday times get overly busy. It’s not so much my excuse – besides our six Christmas celebrations in four days… life has been lacking the business a bit. I’m not complaining, oh no! My absence is due to something much more important that being a busy bee. It’s not fun stuff; it’s actually a holiday dampener, not fun and emotionally draining.

What I will say is we’ve been dealing with some family health issues surrounding the infamous cancer. Ick, is right. Not fun and downright depressing at times. No, it’s not my MIL; however, someone nearly as important and I’m afraid cancer is once again thrashing it’s traitorous thorns and about to claim victory.

Here I am, making myself mope in a defeat that is yet to come. Why give it more attention that necessary? True. The end to this cancer talk. On ward with gifting!

groomsmen tuxedos

photo: eileen k photography

Vendor: Men’s Warehouse
Location: Nation wide
Rating: four stars!

The tux rentals were left in Z’s hands – for a short period. Then of course I intruded and got him into shape – the rest of the fellas… they still better remain in hiding! It’s like pulling teeth, I tell ya! All said and done, everyone who was supposed to be in a tux was in a tux.

We went with the classic – Men’s Warehouse for a couple of reason. First, they are the brother site to David’s Bridal. Same color swatches – although, leave it to us to pick a specialty color with only one vest option. Not only do they have the overlay on color choices but they are also affordable and offer the groom a great deal – free tux rental! And finally, we didn’t want to overshadow Joe Mauer as he shopped at Savvi Formalwear.

photo: eileen k photography

photo: eileen k photography

We had an excellent salesman who helped us choice our outfits – it is quite the deal! Z was thankful I was with him. Okay, I was thankful I was with him to make all the choices. Specialty cuff links for an additional $? No thanks. Pocket squares for $10 a piece? Heck no! Out with Tradition! We customized the outfits per unique role to better suite our party’s budgets and intermix dimension and difference in our large group.

All groomsmen and fathers were in tuxes with peacock vests and ties. Being a specialty color, the vests were a lower cut vest, in one pattern and no bow ties were available. Well, that’s a way to make decision easy I suppose! In the end it worked out just right. I was a bit upset that I couldn’t talk Z into bow ties. Meh.

photo: eileen k photography

photo: eileen k photography

The ushers were in dress pants and white button up with a peacock vest and tie. Simple yet another dimension to our large group. And the ring security? He was in a kid’s suit very similar to the tux ensemble. Last but not least, Z was in a full tux with his white fix coming in his white vest and tie. Much better than a full on white tux.

Yes, he actually wanted this… *crickets*

Overall, we were happy with our experience. The most frustration came with getting the guys in to the stores. Even with their online party manager tool, it was a pain in the side. Their online tools aren’t as advanced or user friendly as they could be. Improvement could be done. Additionally, four of our guys’ tuxes weren’t right. Sure, they can reorder and rush it in the following day. But, what is the point of getting measured then?

There were only a few minor tidbits to keep it from perfection. However, our sales associate made up for that and we would recommend Men’s Warehouse to friends for future use.

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