2 Months of Marriage


It’s amazing how fast time flies. Sure, they say time flies when you’re having fun. But while it flies by you, it’s a bit of a slow whirlwind as it happens. Add in the holidays and tomorrow is already yesterday.

Two months of marriage and what have we learned? Some may say a lot, others not so much. For us, marriage hasn’t quite seemed like anything different. Besides the extra deduction in the paycheck and getting paid twice as often, marriage is marriage.

While there may be little to no newness in the front of our minds, we have taken the time to make a few specialties along the way. Like taking the time put the computer away a little earlier, watching a show that may not be one’s particular favorite and understanding that clingy is not attractive.

Together, we’ve spent the last two months celebrating with family. First our wedding, then came Thanksgiving.. all three of them. Then came Christmas holidays left and right. And just passed, New Years Eve ringing in a new year. Perhaps, the next month will be a little more different than the two that have passed.

Thank you holiday months for giving us a running start to our marriage. While we enjoy the go-go-go of the holidays and family and friend time, we look forward to slowing down and truly enjoying us. And, all that 2013 has in store. Resolutions? Yes, they are in the works.. Because, what’s the rush?

love, mrs. d

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