Let’s be honest…

Let’s face it, honesty is the best medicine. At times, it can hurt. All we want is honesty, truth and wisdom. Oh, and world peace. There are some tidbits I have to come clean on and today is the day. Wrapping up the week – albeit short, it’s ended on a hefty note.  My scatterbrained mind and heavy heart are coming clean.


Truth be told:

I’m sure New Year’s resolutions are the last thing you want to read about – again. Have you had enough? Probably. Will I continue to bombard you with resolutions, new year; new you, goals and 2013 hoopla? Yes. You know you like it! Well, lucky you, it won’t happen today, but soon. Very soon.

I had this grand idea of 25 days of gifting in the form of wedding reviews. Fun? Maybe. Did it happen? Not entirely. I dropped the ball – as many bloggers did last month. I’ve got excuses: it’s the time of year, the holidays, I was sick. All of which were true.  Nonetheless, I failed. I’m slowly digging myself out of the trenches and providing reviews as they feel fit. Benefit: I’ll likely be more attuned and honest and you’ll get gifts after Christmas has wound down. Sweet!

Another grand idea I had was a complete blog-overhaul for 2013. I’m talking new blog, with new ideas and insight into my married life – just what you want, right? Yes, please tell me yes! Well.. four days in and it’s yet to be seen. However… I have been reading up on it and learning slow and steady wins the race! Hardest part, name. Got a name for my new blog? Please share.

Life is short; cancer sucks. Plain and simple. Today we lost a memorable red-headed polish lady for whom words are hard to find. A meager attempt: she was an amazing woman who traveled the world, loved her family fiercely and reveled in her Polishness. Saying she lost her battle to cancer sounds like defeat. Instead, I insist she ended her battle with pancreatic cancer and has now joined her sister in the life after. Oh boy… watch out! That is trouble with a capitol P! Polish trouble!

This marriage thing… is kind of cool. As subtle as it has been during the holidays, I’ll take it – all 2 months of it!

And that’s the truth!

Happy Friday + weekend ahead!
– mrs. d

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