His & Hers Resolutions

One week of 2013 has passed, how are your resolutions? Are you the slow and steady type or have you conquered the last week and setting up for a perfect 2013? Or, did you drop the ball completely and give up already?

Well, as you know, I’m an over achiever. With the 2012 year coming to an end I spent a good amount of time considering what I cold work on, how I wanted to improve my life and what we could do without. Alas, the New Year has passed and our resolutions in place. Without further ado, my resolutions and goals are abundant!

“Change and growth are hard work, but worth it”


Read a new book every month
I went though the virtual vs paper copy book dilemma a year ago when Z brought home a kindle after his Black Friday shift. Pulling off a successful excitement and thank you for the thoughtful gift, I debated on virtual vs. paper copy. Conclusion: it depends. I have a thing about loading a book in my hand, a highlighter in the other. This year, I resolve to dive back into the literature life I miss.

13 in 2013
I have to credit the blog I ran across last year that described the 12 in 12 – 12 (running) races (5k, 7k, 10mile, half or full marathon) in 2012. Sorry, I’ve since lost the link. I found the idea ambitious and immediately wanted to capitalize on it. Well, I had quite the plate full last year, yet managed to get my first 10 mile in 3 weeks before my wedding. I’ve been a self proclaimed runner for a few years now with numerous races under my soles. Truth is, I miss it and need the inspiration to get moving. This year I resolve to attach the bib and hit the pavement.

Support my hubs 100%
This seems like a given, right? Well let’s face it, it’s challenging. Especially when we share a balanced difference in opinions, goals and paces. Less about me and more about him. Venture out from my routine ways; be spontaneous, laugh more often than not and learn to kick back and relax. This year I resolve to love you out loud.

Budgeting expertise
Growing up I had great jobs starting in my teenage years and was able to make ample amount of money. I chose to spend most times as I wanted as I pleased, responsibly. Since the engagement I have been catapulted into a budgeting lifestyle and creating a partnership with my finances. As we save for a home of our own and our future family, I resolve to strengthen my relationship with our finances and create an open communication as we comfortably save, budget and plan for our future.

Create now, sell later
I’ve always had a creativity to spread in all aspects of life. I have trouble funneling my creative talents I to specific niches or get lost in the how to sell before even getting a stock set up. After spending much time on DIY wedding projects, I have the creative juices flowing and will work on expressing my creativity and working on selling later. I resolve to DIY my way through 2013.

Photo a day
No, I’m not talking about the Twitter or Instagram photo a day movements. Im an amateur photog learning my way through options and creativity. In lue of being more spontaneous, I want to capitalize on fun, carefree and capturing the memories by taking a photo a day. I revolve to capture the memories we are creating.

Make money
I’ve been under the notion of work hard, play later for the last year juggling at most 3 jobs. While I continue working a full time and part time position and Z working his second job and waiting for his seasonal job to begin again, we are continuing our mantra. We resolve to continue our dedicated work ethic and save, save, save in order to have fun and play later.

As I mentioned in my Let’s be Honest post last week, I had the intentions of rolling out a new blog with the New Year. It was a fail; however. A blessing in disguise. I have started and just finished Blog Inc. by Joy Deangdeelert Cho. (Thanks for the reference Honeybee!) As I sped through it last weekend, I was impressed I was already capitalizing on resolution #1! Little did I know I’d find my blessing in disguise today- perhaps an entirely new blog is t the best answer, yet a revamp and additional focus to an existing one is best. I resolve to blog better, more frequently and embark on my blogging path.

Unplug; be present
All to often I find myself lingering on Pinterest, Instagram or Facebook for much longer than my initial intention or out of boredom. Our bedtime ritual includes watching episodes of The Office in bed. Well, I used to be able to fall asleep, not any longer. Dang show got me hooked! I resolve to make a conscience effort to ask myself if it my web browsing is purposeful and unplug to be present in the moment.

I bet you’re wondering what the Mr.’s resolutions are after all of my hoopla. You’ll have to check back for that in my next post. Yes. It’s that good.

Cheers to week two of 2013 goal trotting. Say strong and remember you ant do it all at once. It takes a bait of time to plan and get into it before making it routine, 4 weeks they say. What do you resolve to do in 2013?

mrs. d

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