The Mr.’s Resolution


As mentioned in a previous post, the Mr. has a come up with his own New Years resolution. Its good. Real good. Are you ready for this?

Driving home from our New Years Eve party (alcohol free for me!) Z mentions that he has decided on a resolution. OK. Go on, I encourage him thinking nothing of it. For all I know he would want to apply to be the Common Mans sidekick. Oh no. He decides to blow me away stating he wants to eat clean and healthy. Healthy in the sense of portion control, whole foods and get a membership at the gym.

“These are the years for me to do this. I’m in my prime time to get in shape and put on some muscle.”

Now, a little background to make you understand the reason my jaw dropped, heart warmed and stomach flipped quadruple flips of excitement. Z is the furthest from leading a healthy lifestyle or stepping foot in a gym. Sure, we attempted Insanity a few years ago and hit the gym together way back when. I

I on the other hand, have been a gym rat for the better half of my life, take the time to think twice about the food I’m eating and avoid McDonalds like the plague. I attempt to get Z to join me at the gym, run 5ks or do anything that involves health, cooking and clean eating. Has it worked? No.

Rather, he is envisioning his healthy clean-eating, active lifestyle and maintaining a lifestyle free of genetic diabetes on his own time. Ta-dah! Here we are. Z leading the way and his resolution becoming our resolution, together.

Dreams do come true! Together we are going to conquer this new lifestyle. Together, we resolve to take the time to think, be active and step outside of our comfort zone into a new lifestyle.

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