A to Z Wedding Review: Guest Accommodations

Vendor: Comfort Suites
Location: Hwy 10, Ramsey, Minn.
Rating: four stars (just missing a shuttle!)


We are born and raised Minnesotans. You can’t take the accent out of us even if you tried. Well, and a 1-year stint in Georgia did quite the job! One nuh-n, foh, fah-v. Oh, memories…

Like I was saying, homegrown and rooted closely with family, we had very few out of town guests join us for our wedding. A handful and most important to boot! However, hotels are not just for out of towners. We have quite the party scene as well and boy were we glad we offered accommodations less than a mile away! The after party extended across the street to a local salon serving 2-for-1s until 2am and then our parent’s hotel room to top it off!

The location was part of the reason we loved it so much. Outside of the hustle-and-bustle of the cities and yet still close enough not to be a tremendous road trip (for most). With that comes a few setbacks, one of which is a lack of hotel options. We had a total of three options, with an actuality of two.

Option one: under a mile away, mid-sized, newly renovated and decent price tag. Down fall: no shuttle service.

Option two: large-sized, newly built with shuttle. Down fall: a handful of miles away and a bit of a price tag.

We went with the neighbor option and couldn’t have been treated any better. The staff worked well with this eager early planning bride-to-be and booked the block of rooms as well as a honeymoon suite well in advance. To complete opposite, they accommodated our guests who were more of the last-minute type calling the week of the wedding for a discounted room.

We made up for the lack of shuttle by hiring out from a local company mentioned in  the transportation review. As with all vendors, you need to look at the features that are most important to you and your guests. Proximity ranked top tier and we still made it work flawlessly.

When choosing your guest accommodations I recommend choosing a vendor that does have a shuttle service or supplement with an independent contractor. Allow your guests the freedom to splurge on a night away for a grandiose event, eliminate any chance of drinking and driving and who doesn’t want to have a fabulous complimentary breakfast the morning after? Just do it. Your guests will thank you later.

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