A to Z Wedding Review: Favors

One of my favorite parts to plan was favors for our guest. From the get go I knew I would be making individual gifts for all of our dear guests. From cookies to playlists to wood block decor, the ideas ran wild. Thank you, Pinterest!

While my brain ran wild with endless ideas, my budget kept me in reality. Seeing that we were inviting nearly 300 guests, there were a lot of gifts to be made and money to make them, not so much. Something simple, perhaps glittery and something meaningful to Z and I.


The final product: coasters.

After much deliberation, scrummaging through my dad’s garage stall and stocking up on the XXL Modge Podge tubs from the craft store, we were set on coasters. How do coasters tie in with Z and I? Well, no we are not the lushes you may have quickly assumed. Nor are we hosting cocktail parties left and right. I do however have a ceramic tile setter of a father. Getting nearly 300 tiles for no cost just could not be passed up.

Okay, so how do you make coasters specific to A+Z? A simple yet meaningful saying that is also a life motto: enjoy the little things. So simple yet so true. I spun the graphic a bit to include our initials and date. Print and cut and you are ready to podge!

I had the best help from the Mr. and his cousin on podging. We sped through nearly 200 in one evening! Perfect fool-proof project for the Mr. to help out on. And proven quite well.


Z and his cousin J hard at work modging away!

Our favors were not only simple, DIY and an essence of A+Z, they were useful at that! Coasters were quite fitting for our party of a reception and our guests styles. And they proved to be a hit as people left asking to take additional tiles! A tri-fold gift: coaster, decorative tile, life motto.

Keep your favors simple and inexpensive. Remember, you are already paying an arm (and maybe a leg) for their dinner. Favors are far from required! If you choose not to do favors at all, that’s fine too. When deciding, don’t get caught up in the generic gifts that so many people do and will not leave an impression. Be sure to do something meaningful and unique to you and your husband. Yes, it may take time.. it took me nearly 9 months to decide. All in good time, it will come to you.

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One Response to A to Z Wedding Review: Favors

  1. rochacrafts says:

    Awesome DIY favors…love that idea!

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