J.T. is Bringing Sexy Back.. Again!

Full disclosure: I am a past die-hard NSYNC fan transformed into a JT admirer – a little southern drawl, a crooked lil smile and his demeanor.. yes, that makes a lot of girls swoon – including me. So, from the days of walls plastered in posters, concerts around the states (yes, this is the truth) and many years of swooning, wishing and only dreaming of meeting Mr. J.T., I am beyond floored that he is baaack!!

Rewind a few days to Thursday.. I walked in the door from a full day at work and just getting in the door after dinner time to my hubs sitting on his computer – per usual. Before I could make my way over to say hello, he’s calling me over “Come watch this video.” Oh lor-ed. What now? I thought, as I usually do. He often finds the most bizarre items on the internet; entertaining to him, not so much for me. Never did I expect to see this video:

He’s baaack!I exclaimed, a little over  zealously as I walked down the hall to change into comfies; a grin pulling from ear to ear. My husband is about to see the true JT fan side of his wifey.

Now fast-forward to today when to my surprise, a past NSYNC bestie posted about hearing a new JT song on the radio. Thank you Facebook for postponing my Facebook deactivation back yet another day. Just as I was searching for a Monday Motivator for my company’s page, bam! Impeccable timing. However, not appropriate for work Facebook. Personally appropriate and welcomed with open arms.

**I had a really awesome video that I had posted. One I listed to all day yesterday on repeat as if it were a new CD I just bought and needed to memorize every word, every falsetto JT hit, every drop Lance hit, all in all find my favsies.  ..Sorry, I’m not sorry.. However, it’s been pulled due to copyright issues. So, this one might work.. *crosses fingers*

Sure, it’s not his squeaky clean hottie tracks from his debut solo album and absolutely off the charts from his boy band falsetto songs – God Must Have Spent... Don’t get me wrong, I loved them back in the day and I still get a good kick out of listing to the classics. However, this new song and proposed album is off the charts for what is expected from JT. If it means another album which leads to the possibility of a concert, and press, TV time and anything giving me a reason to see his gorgeous face – I’m for it.

Who wants to bet this may call for a slight appearance at Beyonce’s Super Bowl halftime show? Ehh, maybe not after that wardrobe malfunction..  One can always hope, right?

This here concludes my teeny-bopping, I heart JT, OMG! OMG! OMG! rant. Hopefully you found the humor laced throughout and will not unfollow me. Eh, a little boy band crush can’t hurt ya much.

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