DIY Bride MN Virtual 5K: Jan. 27

As you may already know, I’m on the run this year. 13 in 13. I’m aiming for one a month with a double somewhere snuck in. Manageable, right? Well, one problem: I live in the tundra. No, I’m not a die-hard runner out around the lakes with ice forming from my sweat. No, no. I like my runs cool, but not frozen.

So, trying to run outside in January in Minnesota is a little unfeasible. February and March may also be considered impossible – at times. Hence the reason I have a gym membership – solely for the winter months. So yes, I may run the length of a 5k on a weekly basis. Part of the reason I enjoy races is for the crowds; instant competition, support and motivation. Sometimes, yes, the sheer masses are a pain; more of a high than a frustration. Oh, and the T-shirt and race bib commemorative pieces.

So how do I combine the warmth of a gym in Minnesota January and the comfort of the fellow participants? How about a virtual run? A run that can be done anywhere at any time (on a specific day or sequence of days) with anyone interested. Whether you’re in snowy New York, frozen Minnesota or sunny Arizona, everyone can participate without the travel expenses, vacation time, etc.

Seeing that lose weight, join a gym, and run more all top the resolution charts this is a perfect way to hit the ground running. Or perhaps you may just simply enjoy running. All of us have a reason to partake in a virtual run. Perhaps DIY Bride MN’s first virtual 5K is right up your alley. I’d love to have you join the group!

diy-bride-mn-virtual 5k-2013

When: Sunday, January 27, 2013

Where: Your house, gym, park… Your choice!

All you need to do is walk, run or crawl your way to the completion of 3.2 miles! Oh, and sign up. We all need a little commitment to get us going, right? There is no cost for the v5k. All you need to do is send an email with your name and your push song… You know, when you’re at your breaking point, ready to quit, take a break or you have eyes on the finish line and need a burst of energy. The song you put on to push you through – your push song.

Register: Name + push song to by 10pm Saturday, Jan. 26, 2013.

Unfortunately we have no commemorative t-shirts, race medals or post-race food to give away. This v5k is solely for the purpose of joining a group of people for a Sunday morning run. What I can offer is a big fat congratulatory email! C’mon, you know we all need to feel special, even just a little bit.

So what are you waiting for? Get it on your calendar and get to running. You can thank me later.

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