My Week in Photos

mwip 1.20.13

Good Sunday morning! Green tea sure is growing on me; I am slowly sipping a steaming hot cup of it as we welcome single digit weather today. Brrr. I’m off to a project filled Sunday, with a side of football – thanks, hubs! Stay warm!

1. Cheering on the Gophers at the big rivalry game Gophers vs. North Dakota.

2. Self pampering at Blowdry for a fabulous wash, dry and style. My new obsession.

3. Spent some time ice skating (in the wind) for a photo sesh with our photographer, Eileen.

4. Polka dots + light roast with a shot of vanilla my favsies this week.

5. New DIY office decor: aeropathy jar holding fancy paper clips. Oolala!

6. So happy to have made a return visit to my chiropractor for an adjustment. #Runon

7. JT. Per my post earlier this week, need I say more?

8. Learning to style your hair can be a battlefield. Two burns in one week.

9. Pinterest success: A – Z coffee mugs for the brutal cold we are facing this week.

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