A to Z Wedding Review: Hair + Make-up

a million bucks.[photo cred: eileen k photography.]

a million bucks.
[photo cred: eileen k photography.]

I knew all along that I was more than likely going to end up at the factory for hair due to the size and time restrictions. I did some research into smaller boutiques and may have even peeked at Craigslist for listings. But, when it came down to it, I had a lot of hairs to be tied and faces to be dolled up. Too much so for a single person or even a team duo to handle the project in the time frame we needed.

I bit the bullet and went with Simonson’s Hair Salon for our up dos and styles. They had the most number of chairs at a single time and it would take just two rounds for us to all be done. I was never fully relaxed and siting assured of the decision. I held out doubt for something to fall subpar.

Since I was not completely sold on the place and I didn’t have the best experience, I decided to go in for a practice round. Best decision, hands down. My stylist made me feel comfortable and excited for the real-deal. I even shared with her my past experience and hesitance on coming back.

bridesmaid-wedding-hairAs for my make-up I knew from the get-go I was having someone come to the church to doll me up. I’m not a make-up artist in the least bit; I needed help and professional application. I searched a bit and got a few referrals; however, I ended up meeting my gal by chance and it was love at first sight!

My lady was all that I never knew I wanted and some! She came with a partner in crime to beautify all my ladies and make the bride feel like a million bucks! They were professional yet personable and affordable. My girls and I were on cloud 9 with the pampering and gorgeous looks adorned for the day.

As for the hair… yeah. I would not recommend Simonson’s for up dos. It’s too hit or miss. While I had a fabulous stylist and some would say that’s all that matters, we were 50:50 on the dos. I’m sorry if you’re that well known and that expensive, you need to be 100:100! Take the time and spend the extra dollars on going somewhere (or having someone) that cares more about the final product than the time in the chair. Someone that can see a client and envision a style that is not only complimentary to their face and age but a shared vision of what the client wants and what the stylist can create. I don’t think it’s asking for too much, it is their job after all, right?

Simonson’s gets a thumbs down for my girls; a thumb up for my lady. My make-up lady… oh, to die for. I’d recommend her in a heart beat! If you’re looking, please shoot me an email and I’ll give you her details. She works solely off of referrals and my photos speak reviews better than I can formulate in words.

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