Rock the Dress

So my fabulous photographer, as you already know, Eileen K Photography, reached out to her 2012 brides for a Rock the Dress photo sesh. Umm, I was all over that within minutes! Our wintery fun photo sesh I long dreamed of doing finally came true this past weekend! Yes, in the 40 mile an hour winds and furiously dropping temperature was the perfect setting for a quick photo sesh.

My poor, poor hair took a beating in the vicious winds. It’s hard to tell I had it fashionably done earlier that morning. Yes, I pampered myself and booked a trial run at the local blowout bar, Blowdry. Have you been? Oh, just sign up right now, you can thank me later. Peter was fabulous! The whole day was fabulous but I’ll get back to the photos…

There’s not much more to say other than, thank you Eileen! You are a hoot to work with and we absolutely love any time we get to spend with you! You capture us beautifully and truly the A + Z that we are…  that’s what she said.

Eileen-K-Photo-22 Eileen-K-Photo-18 Eileen-K-Photo-15 Eileen-K-Photo-14 Eileen-K-Photo-10 Eileen-K-Photo-08 Eileen-K-Photo-06 Eileen-K-Photo-05 Eileen-K-Photo-03 Eileen-K-Photo-02

I could lace up my skates, but can never get them as perfect as Z can.

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