My Week In Photos: Fabulous Foodie


Well, can you tell what was on my mind this week? Food! Apparently, I’ve had quite the obsession this week. It could have to do with the fact that I found myself extremely hungry every day – I am nourishing myself with healthy + clean foods and monitoring my intake. However, with my HIIT, I’m considering upping the intake a bit. Nonetheless… my week was fabulously food filled!

1. Exercising my cookie skills and creating a treat for my lovies – it’s their homecoming week. Time to celebrate!

2. It’s been so brutally cold that my lips feel as though they are chapped from my forehead to my chinny-chin-chin. Chapstick = my BFF.

3. Two of my favorites: friend date + coffee. Beats the cold any time!

4. Current obsession is homemade black bean soup + TJ’s sesame multigrain pita chips.

5. Love getting unexpected mail let alone a package like this! #Mybestieisbetterthanyours

6. Fajita taco salad fiesta for Friday night dinner in with my hubby.

7. My family rocks! Cousin love!

8. My lifeline on Monday was soup + coffee.. I was floating around all day.

9. My latest project at work! I adore the photos from our Rock the Dress session. Have you seen them?

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