Let’s be Honest: Curls Edition

let's be honest

Truth be told:

I eagerly await spring. I know, sad to say as we are just beginning the bone-cold stage of the winter. However, I miss the early Sunday mornings meandering around the market. Getting amazing deals on produce while supporting local farms. Oh, and the breakfast brat.

My cat is afraid of hairspray; running in circles, leaping over the curling wand and meowing at me crazy. To be honest, it was quite funny until I realized my 400 degree curling wand was still on. Trying to catch a cat in a small bathroom proved harder than assumed. My kitts never cease to entertain me.

I have an absolutely, positively, beyond amazing aunty of whom I miss to pieces. College years I was able to spend day and night with her growing our relationship from aunty/niece into a beautiful blessed friendship. Now a days, our time together is far and few but oh so much appreciated and longed for. One day, time will be on our side, again..

I’m absolutely in love with my new curling wand. You can’t understand the level of love for this wand unless you have fine, stick-straight hair that does not hold an ounce of curl for its life! I officially had given up on any style other than a simple bobbypin out of angst; it proved to be a waste of time come the time I finished the last strand on my head. Wa-la! Ceramic, 400 degrees and the ease of the wand (plus a little hair spritz) and this girl is truly, madly, deeply in love with her new curly hair!

I’m excited yet apprehensive about our upcoming trip out west. That’s a 2,000+ road trip in 4 days. Yes, it’s going to be fun! Don’t mind the fact that I will not have a car after the trip. But then again, spending the time with my mom, aunt and husband on the drive out and 3 full days with brother bear is worth it, right? Fun!

At the age of 28 friendship is still an art I have yet to master. Best friends, smesh friends. With an every changing world on top of an ever changing life, at times it’s no wonder the art of friendship is still a masterpiece in the works.

Pssst, Happy Birthday, Justin Timberlake! January 31 still makes me think of JT and my NSYNC’ing days. 

And that’s the truth!

While I wish it were the beginning of the weekend, I have one more day to get through. Happy Thursday and an even happier Friday ahead!

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