Five years later..

Well folks, we’ve been married nearly 3 months; together for five years. It’s a wonder how fast time flies yet how much life happens within those minutes. It felt as though it was just yesterday that I was talking into the wee hours of the morning with you; while at the same time forever ago.

We were cute, you and I. In our pre-dating days. Texting constantly and consistently night in and night out. You still in high school; me in college. Those were the days. The days of flirtatious fun friendship. The days we mirror in the present.

Five stinkin’ years you’ve dealt with me. And I’ve let you stick around. You’re not so bad after all, you know? Your tendencies that drive me mad are harmless. Your love endless. And your laughter contagious.

We’ve grown so much since then. I’m old… two-time college graduate in an adult job paying bills. And you.. you’re older than you were. Succeeding in your life path in typical Z fashion. And us? Oh, we’re old and married and have been for years now. I mean, Friday nights in front of the TV and in bed by 10? Who does that?! Us.

a and z early years, young love

The early years, young love. Awwe..

Just as we do everything that we do: attend our sisters’ athletic games, meal planning, explore new eateries, watch the entire Office series in succession, fight over the perfect pillow and tease the kitts we so wish would settle down and just cuddle.

We’re not so bad, you and I. We do little but appreciate whole heartedly. May we continue to make the little things a big priority and love each other, and ourselves, a little more each day forward.

a and z at wild hockey game, date night

Recent escapade to celebrate Z’s birthday, a few months later – thank you NHL lockout.

Love you today, tomorrow and for always my dear,
Your wife + loser.

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