My Week in Photos: Super Bowl Sunday


my week in photos, super bowl sunday

Well, since someone tripped on the extension cord down in Louisiana pausing the Super Bowl, I’ve got some spare time on my hands. Thirty four minutes to be precise  Okay, enough Super Bowl malfunction talk. That wasn’t even the best line I heard during the outage. Meh, it works. And we have my week in photos. It was quite the week to be remembered.

1. I may now have an inkling of what it feels like to be a proud parent. One of life’s greatest moments was watching my Mads break 1000 career points, only adding to her stacked resume – during homecoming nonetheless.

2. We’ll never be too old for homecoming t-shirts. Pulled my puff paint + glitter skills out of the closet for this gem for the sister.

3. Reunited with Chipotle burrito bowl and chips and guac.

4. There’s nothing quite like handwritten notes.

5. Valentine décor at the office: heart garland.

6. Trying new eats while on the belated-birthday night with the hubby: Billie’s on Grand + the Wild game.

7. Kodak moment captured by yours truly. Continuing to add to my repertoire one photo at a time.

8. Celebrated homecoming prep with the little ladies at the nail salon.

9. Five years later and I still get flowers. Enjoying the little things.

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