A HIIT Affair

HIIT love affairRecently, I’ve found a second love. Yes, my heart shares a passion outside of Z. That passion has me entranced nearly every day of the week; I’m anxious, excited and look forward to it on a daily basis. And I must confess. I’ve grown a love for HIIT – high intensity interval training.

Not familiar with HIIT? No worries, I wasn’t either until just recently. High intensity interval training, HIIT, is an extension of interval training with a strategy of alternation of short intense exercises with less-intense recovery periods. It’s a form of cardio usually varying from 9 – 20 minutes. The benefits: improved athletic capacity and condition raise metabolism and improve fat burning.

Doesn’t sound so bad, now does it? Well, if you’ve gone and Googled HIIT workouts, you’re sure to come across a handful of options. When I first Goolged, I was quickly put-off. I’m not capable of this intensity! Well, please rest assured that not all HIIT workouts require you to hit a speed of 10+ on the treadmill. In fact, you can pretty much create a workout customized to your level and ability.

I was in need of a new gym routine. My go-to routine was dull, familiar and not attractive. I didn’t have the drive to go to the gym. Sure, it being winter probably had a hand in it, too. But I’ve overcome the seasonal hurdle and am now anxious and looking forward to my gym sessions. Hoping on the treadmill with the determination to sweat, gasp and feel accomplished in as quick as 20 minutes!

Now, I am not a trainer. What I have to say is purely platonic and from my own personal experience. I’ve experimented with some different sessions and am creating my customized niche in a new hobby and workout routine.

Often times once we get married we, as in women, tend to let go of ourselves and not care so much. Sure, the pressure is off to fit into the dress that cost x amount. You found the love of your life who will love you love handles and all and gone are the disgustingly thin bridal magazines showcasing irrational weddings.

Stop right there because marriage is no excuse not to take care of yourself. As I’ve mentioned I was not a dieting bride. Sure, I may have started off frequenting the gym more often to distract myself – it didn’t last! I was too busy making my wedding happen than making my body fit into a dress that I didn’t buy a size too small for determination to lose weight.

Marriage is another step in your life. It’s an opportunity to reflect on your life and consider what has worked, what hasn’t and how you might want to move forward – changes or no changes. Having an affair with HIIT sessions has and will only continue to improve my marriage. I’m preoccupying myself with a hobby I can do on my own – no more lovie-dovie honeymoon stage of hanging all over each other. Sorry! Not for us. I’m continually crafting the woman I am and want to be – affair and all!

Have you tried a HIIT session? What works best for you: treadmill run, treadmill walk or elipitcal?

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