Last Minute Valentine’s Day Projects + Gifts

Sometimes I wish I could make a living off of DIYing what I find on Pinterest. Okay, every day I wish that. It would be the best job, EVER!  However, since that is highly impossible for this point in time, what I can do is live vicariously through Pinterest. I’m so much in love with my Valentine’s day pins and perhaps Cupid’s got his arrow on me, being a newlywed and all… we’re just oozing with loveliness, you know. Well, since I can’t create every project, I thought I’d share some easy DIY decorations, gifts or treats you and yours can enjoy in the coming week.

Hopefully I don’t make you puke hearts; red, white and pink or loveliness. Enjoy!


We all have stuff. If you’re like me, you have a LOT of stuff. What better way to spread the holiday cheer than to carry this cute and quick to make DIY heart bag? Excellent How-to!


Got kids? These heart trees are a perfect activity for kids or an adult wanting to relish their inner child. I mean Valentine’s Day is somewhat cheesy after all.


Can’t get much easier than hitting print and putting the piece of paper in a frame! Super cute love you printable is simple and chic.


Attitude adjustment in a bottle. Take the time to jazz up your nails and you’ll not only look polished and a flirty with these nails, but feel it even more!


Another fun design if you have a few red pieces around. This screams a bit too much red, but the love sign had me at L.


Let your gifts speak for themselves and enjoy the less is more attitude with this simple heart garland gift wrap.

valentine chalkboard printables

Have you noticed I love chalkboard? Umm, just a little. Take these chalkboard printables and throw in my favorite saying and I’m swooned! Tie in a chalkboard painted jar, or two or three, with some candies and you’ve got a small collection of chalkboard cuteness!


Spread the love to all of your lovsies with the good ole snail mail. Using some scrapbook paper, jazz up an envelope of a store bought card – a card and a gift in one!


Take the generic go-to votive and jazz it up with a little valentine themed sprinkles. Setting the mood with a little bit of fun with these Valentines themed votives.


The way to a heart is through the stomach.. or so I say! These goodies are simple, cute and I’m sure will taste delicious! I could not find a working link for the photo, so if it’s yours, please let me know!

So, you thought you were ready and now you’re ready to dive into Valentine’s Day projects this weekend, right? Yess!!! Enjoy and know that we’ll be in a virtual crafting weekend together!

mrs. d

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