My Week in Photos: Grammys 2013

Please excuse this delay. I was too caught up in the day to get this done any earlier. Thank you snow-storm, laundry, Downton Abbey and the Grammys! Did you see J.T.’s performance?! I mean, who didn’t? While I was torn between my two favorites, I actually enjoyed Downton Abbey with my mama bear and then a recorded JT performance. Who’s excited for his cd to drop on March 19? This girl!

Carrying on. Happy short week to me – hopefully it’ll fly by for you as well. We’re headed out west come Wednesday on our very first cross-country road trip. Minnesota to LA via Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona. Fun!! Stay tuned for updates on our adventure.. fun! fun! fun!

my-week-in-photos-grammys 2013

1. I celebrated my mother-in-law’s NIFTY FIFTY birthday at the bingo hall with the regulars. I did not win and we left being sushed.

2. My latest obsession = quinoa. This is a quick dish I threw together for dinner.

3. My husband did his own laundry as his wife – that’s me! – enjoyed Downton Abbey and JT on the Grammys.

4. #tbt the love between two cousins is indescribable and line none other. 19 years strong!

5. Don’t mind my flinestones. I didn’t have any shoes to wear into the gym and couldn’t get my running shoes wet and salty. I know, Minnesota problems.

6. Seafood fest! Crab, lobster, shrimp – oh my!

7. The hubby took me on a date night that ended with a stop at the local cupcakery!

8. Swooon. JT. Bowtie. 1940’s vintage. Need I say more?

9. Per #2, I actually had two quinoa dishes for lunch one day at the office. What can I say?

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