Grand Canyon National Park

We’ve been on the road now for a couple days. Our bums are sore, legs stiff and the car increasingly smaller by the minute. Alas, we made it to the #2 highlight of the trip: the Grand Canyon.

It only took me 27 years, but I can now check the Grand Canyon off my bucket list. More specifically, watch the sun set and rise at the canyon. We’re making memories of us.

The National Park is ginormous and its entirely impoassible to do everything, let alone much with a half day’s time. Alas, we did do a few of the top items:

We stayed in the village enjoying the feel of a real canyon goer experience. Okay, so we pretended but still slept tidy in our beds within walls.


We watched the sun set from Hopi Point -the best point to do so since its slightly higher than the rest on the southern rim. Most of the visitors left immediately after the sun set, leaving us with a few others to enjoy the sky of varying colors. Breathtaking.

We watched the sun rise where again the majority of visitors left the moment the sun peaked over the top of the far east ridge. We were left to admire the light changes on the rocks amd shadows changing every moment the sun rose higher in the sky.

With plenty left to do next time we are back on the road for our last leg in this roadtrip to Cali. Staying put hasnt ever sounded so nice. 5 days with my brother, in Cali sounds heavenly!


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