Road Trip to California

We’re baaaack! And I could not be happier. I tell ya, there is nothing like a road trip that will make you more grateful for your home, your bed and your personal space. Yes. I love my family dearly and my hubby oh-so-much. However, a road trip across country – or half – is quite the event.

Let me bring you up to speed. My brother moved out to sunny California, chasing dreams of course, almost a year ago. Perfect timing for Z and I as we were down a car and saving like mad men for our wedding. My brother left for Cali without his car. Therefore, his car became my interim car. Until now. When Mr. California decides to get three jobs that require more travel than a bike will provide.

So, off we went! Four adults in an Impala for four days traveling 2,300 miles to California. Yes, we love him that much!  We decided to go the “southern” route that took us through New Mexico and Arizona as opposed to the Colorado mountains and Las Vegas. No mountain driving for me and Vegas needed more than a couple hour stay.

Mother Nature was our BFF – we left a day after a good snow fall in Minnesota and returned home the day before the Midwest received a vicious winter storm delaying flights left and right. Thank you Mother Nature for being on our side and just giving us a taste of snow flurries upon our Colorado entrance. It wouldn’t be Colorado without it, right?

We had three nights along the way, perfectly spread out: North Platte, NE, Santa Fe, NM and The Grand Canyon. Spending our first Valentine’s Day as a married couple sleeping away the drive through Colorado and going to dinner in Santa Fe was pretty cool. However, the Grand Canyon trumps all. I waited 27 years to check this masterpiece off my bucket list and boy was it worth every year!

Alas, we made it into California without killing each other. And were welcomed by the one and only, my brother who spared no shortage on assuring we saw it all and had a blast while doing it.

For the sake of sparing you the hundred photos we took along the way – did I mention the Aunty and Mom were learning their iPhone5 along the road? Yes. And being a photo taking maven I am, I’m splitting this into two: Road Trip to Cali and Destination: Santa Monica.

road trip to california

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