Destination: Santa Monica

After four grueling days on the road, we made it to California! The longest part of the drive being from the Arizona/California state line into Santa Monica. There is nothing from the state line until you hit LA. Seriously. For.Ever. Not to mention our bodies had had enough, our tempers were raging and we were so sick of the damn car we could scream!


Heeeey there brother bear. Thank you for your charming face upon our welcome to Santa Monica! We made it! Cali vacation commences!

We did not go home short-handed on this trip, let me tell you. We did everything under the sun in the 3+ days we had in Santa Monica. From Venice Boardwalk, Santa Monica Pier, Third Street Promenade, mountain hiking, Beverly Hills, Jay Leno recording to awesome bites and sips along the California terrain – we did it all. Minus the night scene; however, we were on vacation and wearing ourselves out was a daily occurrence. Do I dare say we were in bed by 10pm every night? Eeek.

As I mentioned, we were busy bees and I will recap our entire vacation. Rather, highlight a few of my favorite memories.


California Hiking

B took us into the Malibu Mountains for an off-roading climb up the mountains and once in a lifetime hiking trip. 7 miles later, breath taking views and four exhausted bodies, we embraced the car ride back to the city.

Sipping and eating our way through Santa Monica.

The food! Amazing. B had the best places picked out for us and we stumbled upon a couple of our own finds that left our mouths watering and tummies full! Topping the charts: Urth Café, Buddha’s Belly, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and Omelet Parlor. It’s almost not fair to mention these few as we did not have a bad experience anywhere.

Shop ‘til you drop!

Believe you me, we did just that! It was the last thing I expected to do. Until, Zach raised interest and stated the obvious: we are on vacation, we can splurge on ourselves. And that we did. We flat out spoiled ourselves. However, it wasn’t the items we purchased that was my favorite part, rather the time spent hand-in-hand strolling the promenade, the patients Z had for my awesome indecisiveness and overall bonding we shared.

One of my favorite parts of any vacation is watching Z take it all in. I’ve done my fair share of traveling over the years and perhaps have taken it for granted. Now, when traveling with Z, I find enjoyment and take the time to watch him take it all in, gets excited and awe-struck at the new places and faces. At times he’s a kid in a candy store and its oogly cute in a gushing wife-husband love kind of way.

Alas, a full eight days away from home left me anxious for my own bed, routine and the comfort of home. In hindsight, had I known returning would throw me into go-go gadget mode, I may have longed to stay in Santa Monica. Nonetheless, I am grateful for the experience, craving the delicious food and enjoying my life as Mrs. D.

Now, being down one car is another thing. But let’s leave that for a later discussion and enjoy the moments captured in time.

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