My Week in Photos: Busy as a Bee

I’m embarrassed by my absence here. I apologize. Life has gotten the better of me and as I’m shredding water to keep my head above water I realize that life has been leading me rather than me leading my life. Those moments happen, right? It’s the ah-ha moment that catches you off guards, maybe even troughs you in to a bit of anger for letting it happen. Nonetheless, the moral of the story is coming to realization is the key part. Next step: action!


Here I am; ready to share my week in photos. Which, case in point = busy as a bee.

1. Desserts + besties, what more could a girl ask for? Part of my busy-beesness has been in my social life and catching up with my besties who have too long sat on the sidelines cheering me on.

2. Entertainment via cats never fails. I had a good laugh and Mr. C well, he put up with it.

3. You might as well just call him Picaso. Z’s belated Valentine’s Day gift to me. Yes, handmade and hung; presented to me behind cupped hands. Let’s say it together: aww!

4. Three words: Financial Peace University. We’re newbies, but falling head over heels for Dave Ramsey.

5. Tea time with my dearest Camryn: evidence that I did stop to smell the roses. Thank you for slowing my pace and making me enjoy the present.

6. No such thing as shopper’s remorse. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every purchase I made at Cotton On in Santa Monica. Literally, every day. Yes, we went a bit overboard. But Z led the way – so it’s ok!

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