Conquer Wedding Withdrawals in 3 Steps

Amongst my whirlwind of a week last week, I had an A-ha! moment – I miss my wedding. I miss the details, the planning all the effort that went into it. The creative outlet, the level of connection with Z, friends and family; the excitement of the final product.

I was asked countless times, what are you going to do with your time after it’s over? And, well I’m at a loss for the answer I gave. Oh, perhaps focus on all other aspects of life. Well, what are those aspects? I thoroughly enjoyed the planning process to no extent. Sure I dove into a few smaller creative outlets since, the holidays came and went in a flurry and now we’re here. Comfortable and in a holding place of life waiting for the next big thing: car, house, kid, job, graduation. All sorts of things are in store for us.

wedding withdrawal

When you give your all and focus your entire life on one thing for so long, life afterwards is almost boring. Not quite. I don’t enjoy down time enough and I’m trying to work on that. But how might a new bride pass her time and refocus her energies?

Plan a gathering. Yes, on a very minute scale compared to the wedding, but it will give you the opportunity to focus on one event with the skills and tricks you learned during wedding planning. Whether it be a St. Patrick’s Day corn beef and hash, Easter brunch or a just-because theme party, go for it!

Dive into a new hobby. We started the year out with a shared resolution to eat clean and be active – plus, my 13 races in 2013. We dove head-first and have since lingered a bit. Acknowledge the lingering and get back on track! Maybe you started cooking classes, an improv class or baking the gazillion recipes you pinned along the way. Embrace your hobby and continue to take baby steps along the way.

Accept down time. If you’re anything like me, you ran yourself thin during the wedding hoopla. I did a good job of staying calm and level but you accept more and learn to be OK with the face-paced go-go life. Now, I am exhausted after a week of go-go gadget life! I’ve learned to embrace the down time and actually stop – for a while. If TV isn’t your thing, pick up a book or download a game on the iPad.

Last week I was saddened at the memory of my wedding planning days. With these words in front of me I’m refocused with the list of ‘things to do after the wedding’ and can feel the anticipation to conquer the list one-by-one and embrace down time at the same time. Now that’s skill.

How have you/do you plan to fill the time after the wedding is said and done?

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