I have a dream.

mlkOften times I have a very famous quote in the back of my head that pops up on paper when I am about to write a reflection piece. Case in point: I have a dream – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Most times I am hesitant to use the quote. Especially when it is as powerful as this one. For some reason. Perhaps because my words could be nowhere near to the level of powerful as MLK’s. Is it fair to use in this instance?

I am going with yes. Dreams are important. {goals even more so!}Yes, my thoughts are important to me if not anyone else. If I hold my goals as a standard to obtain, then perhaps I would actually reach them.

Today as I worked away in an oddly peaceful and quiet coffee shop I often found myself sidetracked. Thinking of how much the simplicity of a peaceful and quiet coffee shop warmed my heart and increased production. I flew through my work in lightning speed!

I found myself envious of the couple to my right simply enjoying a book with a cup of coffee.. could that be me one day? Anxious for a creative self-proposed daily task list – am I my own boss yet? I could thoroughly enjoy life working from coffee shop to coffee shop throughout the week – producing creative, blogging and creating my future work I could hardly consider work.

Today’s time spent in a small(ish) town a couple hours north of the cities sparked many thoughts, plans, hopes and dreams. It may just be the spark to a kindling that will engulf into a fully lit fire on my dreams and goals. I can only wish to capitalize on this motivation.

I have a dream to be my own boss. To create this space into my work-space and a showcase of my creative ability. A dream that needs goals set in place to obtain. Today, may be the day that gives me the last push onto the stepping stones leading to my goal. Or at least the slightest glimpse into what I one day hope to obtain.

How have you started making/meeting goals towards conquering your dream?

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2 Responses to I have a dream.

  1. DB Chick says:

    I decided that this year I would take time for me. My husband has a lot of hobbies and I found I just got stuck in the boring work routine. So have started attending dance class with my sister and started my writing again by starting a blog. Next on the list Spanish lessons!

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