My Week in Photos: Black & White

Apparently I was hooked on black and white last week. I tried to keep it to a minimum in the photos I chose. However, according to my photos I might as well reverted back to the days before color photos. And that would be just fine with me. On to another week. Girls High School Basketball State Tournament week. I may be absent as the week unfolds and I prep to digest my family’s talent as the girls head to their third state tournament – back to back to back.

myweekinphotos.3.11.12[From top, L – R]:

1. Same thing, different day. My commitment to the gym continues to remain strong throughout my hip alignments.

2. Typical Minnesotan winter in March. I had a snow day at work and spent a good amount of my afternoon plowing out the drive way. First time starting up the snow blower, I was so proud!!

3. Spice up your life! Ever since Cali, I’ve been dipping my toe outside of my fashion comfort zone and trying a couple trendy options. I just hope I don’t look as much of a fool as I feel internally.

4. Natural beauty. Believe you me, there was a day I forgot about my make-up.. and I survived. Dare I say I enjoyed it?!

5. #JTonSNL. Highlight of my weekend was my Saturday evening at home with Justin Timberlake.. on TV.. while my hubby was at the bar.

6. City sliker in the country. I ventured outside of the cities for work and by golly, we had a meeting at a Country Kitchen. Coffee is coffee and I rocked the meeting.

7. Maranatha Girls Basketball win 1A Section Championship. Our Grandpa Cass has been at every game this year – score keeping as he usually does. I only hope the girls can three-peat in his presence for his approval (because yes, we all still need Cass’ approval) and the girls’ accomplishment.

8. Turning the pageThere is nothing quite like the high of starting a new book; the sound of the crisp pages being broken in. Especially when you’re turning the page in life as you literally do in the book.

9. Snack time. Blackberries and TJ’s sesame honey glazed almonds.

Anyone else missing the hour we lost this weekend? I do tremendously! Enjoy your week ahead. Hug your loved ones and patiently await all the beauty spring brings. It’s just around the corner.


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