Happy Friday?

Happy Friday! When in reality, I’m having a hard time of grasping the happy part of happy Friday. Friday, yes. I welcome it with extended arms – it’s much more a relief than enjoyment though. Something about this week has me a bit stand-off-ish.

Oh yes, daylight savings. Am I the only one who has hit the snooze button umpteen times until all you have time for is rolling out of bed getting dressed and maybe, yes maybe brushing your teeth before running out of the house? Yeah, yeah, call me gross if I don’t brush my teeth in the morning. I’m just being honest. Some days I completely forget. How? I’m that TIRED! Remember how much you dislike daylight savings time?! 🙂

While day light savings time has put me through the ringer, it’s not the only thing keeping me from having a happy day. Work has been cuh-ray-zee and I cannot get a grasp on things. Not to mention I’m in complete upheaval over quitting my part-time gig, what health insurance to choose, my lovies are in the State Basketball tournament – err, were. And, the cherry topping, my lady issues are kicking in. FUN STUFF, eh?

No I’m not Canadian and no I’m not depressed. Perhaps it’s the snow that has fallen both yesterday and today. Yeah, yeah… the excuses are inevitable. And rather than drag you down with me, I’m making a flip-a-roo right here.

I’ve taken the day off work – yahoo! It’s payday for Z and I have a long-over-due hair cut scheduled within the hour. Yahoo!! Not to mention, after an hour on the phone with insurance companies I’m comfortable in a final decision for our health insurance that I’ve put off for far too long. Open enrollment only started… oh, March 1? Oops.

Surely, there is a lot to be thankful for in this very post and the fact that it is Friday I should make it a happy one! Even if my heart is a bit lumpy from watching my loves’ basketball season come to an end yesterday in the first round of State play. I mean, we have two championships to be proud of and thankful for. Mads had a career highlight of hitting 1,000 points in her career and they were in their four consecutive state tournament.

I had coffee with my aunty today and looked to her for help on understanding the why. I’m not a fan of questioning the Lord, but I wanted to understand why. Of course she helped put it into perspective pulling from a recent passage she read: God doesn’t show favoritism. We’ve won the past two championships, been to state three times (as a family; four as a team) and we simply were not the best team to win. It brought comfort to my weary heart and I know that God is good. There will be good out of this.

And good I found. I call myself photographer when it comes to the girls playing basketball. Ashley and camera go hand-in-hand. Besides, it’s a cheaper date than bringing the mister! Ha! And, William’s Arena is by far my favorite arena to shoot at. The lighting is perfect, the court raised and too many good angles to choose from! Alas, I’ll end this with a few photos which of course spark happiness in my belly. Happy Friday all!

BW edges IMG_9465 BW_edges_IMG_9402 BW_IMG_9535 BW_IMG_9580 BW_IMG_9636

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