My Week in Photos: Luck of the Irish!

Happy (belated) St. Patrick’s Day!

I’m a good amount Irish – freckle splattered face and all! However, we didn’t partake in any St. Patty Day festivities. We mentioned getting green beer but Sunday came and went without a lick of green. I didn’t even wear green! Shh, don’t tell the leprechauns! They’ll be at me with a vengeance next year! Hopefully ya’ll had a fabulous weekend and are steering clear of the winter storm hitting the mid to upper United States.

mwip luckoftheirish

1. #JustinTimberweek may or may not have been celebrated in our household which may or may not have altered the Mr’s new hair style he’s sporting around. Swoon.

2. Bakerella. I’ve been known to spend my free time – wait, what’s that? – on baking projects. Sunday night dinner was stuffed peppers with brownies for dinner.

3.  Just call me an envelope artist. Leprechaun snail mail at its finest. Happy St. Patty’s Day!

4. I may have been spoiled this weekend. That free time I had was complementary of the Mr. who did my laundry. Yes. All I had to do was lay out the items that were not dryer friendly and send him a picture to reference.

5. Reunited! It took me a single second in the local Archivers to get the scrapping itch. That wedding scrapbook is fully stocked and just waiting to be started.

6. I’m seeing polkas on a recent design project.

7. Said design project turned into an assembly line on Friday and Saturday nights while viewing the Gopher Men’s hockey advance to the Final Five! Whoot!

8. Quick batch of sugar cookies made for a late night of rolling and baking.

9. Traditional basketball sugar cookies for the lovelies who were headed to state tournament play!

10. Did I mention it was #JustinTimberweek? His album has been streaming non-stop and carried me through the week.

11. And so it was.. unfortunately, the girls were one and done this year leaving their back-to-back state championship title legacy on the court.

12. Money, money, money! We’re a head of the game with our taxes done and filed. We’re anxiously awaiting our return to add to our house and car funds! Oh, the excitement of married life!

13. Denim Delight! Taking Friday off work was a mental-renewal with a little retail therapy. The fashionista in me is emerging.. the only thing missing is spring!

14. Coffee! The bookends to my week. Typical.

And with that I’m off to make a cup of coffee and watch the snow continue to fly. Oh April, I am ready for you to arrive with showers, flowers, and warmth! Spring is so close I anxiously await your arrival!

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