How to Get Your Wife a Gift She Likes

With my birthday a week away, I’ve got to thinking… I haven’t been asked what I wanted. I mean, for us, it’s tradition for the question to be asked since it seems both of our minds a bit full at the time. Not that I’m worried. But, it got me thinking about how to subtly let your gents know just what is on top of your wishlist without coming off as a nagging spoiled runt.

We’ve had a pretty clean track record for the most part when it comes to gifts – birthdays, Christmas  anniversary, valentine’s day, new job, graduation, just because.. you name it. I don’t have a horror story to share. However, I have mentioned a few things that I would be completely 100% OK without receiving again..  ahem, heart jewelry.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. Gifts are gifts. However, you know ladies, we really want to like what we get. And, it’s not that hard to drop hints. Sometimes it’s more than dropping subtle hints and more like memorizing your favorite song. So listen up guys! Want to get your wife a gift she’ll be raving about for months to come? Here’s a few secrets.


It’s that simple. Open your ears, pay attention and observe what is going on, what your wife is looking at, commenting on or oogling over. The hints are there. Perk your ears up and not only take it in, but record it!


Open your peepers and look around. What is she glancing at as you quickly walk through Target in the effort to get her out of the doors without the inevitable $80 Target bill of unnecessary items? Let her eyes linger and follow them! Or, look in front of you. I’m sure she’s leaving ideas in broad daylight. Ahem, a wish list?!


Take a few minutes of your time and create something. Something special and with thought tucked behind it. This is great if you’re on a limited budget. Perhaps make her a gift for Valentine’s Day and then buy a small something for her birthday. A lady still likes to feel spoiled. But spoiling does not = splurge. She’ll appreciate your efforts even more knowing you didn’t rack up the credit card bill she’ll have to pay at the end of the month.


Go a head and simply ask her what she might want. She may have a list ready to rattle off or she may have nothing in mind. You won’t know until you ask. What’s that? You want it to be a surprise? Well, ask her to create a small list of ideas and then go from there. Afraid to pick a size? Get a gift card!

In light of my birthday around the corner and my hubby not asking – yet – I have a quick birthday wish list I’m ready and waiting to share. Then again, I’ve done a pretty good job of sharing my wants lately… ahem.. justin timberlake chicago concert tickets.. Very unlikely but I’ve more than voiced it! So here you go hunny, work your magic.

ashleys birthday wishlist

Okay, is it totally obvious that I’m totally digging the mint and coral trend? Obvi. But who can’t be head over heels for the combo? Love!

one // Spring forward outfit. Lovnig the flowy striped top as I’d much prefer those over fitted tops. And it’s about time my feet fancy a pair of nude pumps.  two // I fell in love with The Commons Hotel via a local photog’s photo session and have wanted to be whisked away for a night ever since.  three // Complete package. From ears to toes and purse in hand. I can go from graduation party to coffee to the farmer’s market.  four // Gold boyfriend watch. Gold is finally growing on me.. in tiny amounts.  five // black + gold baubles. elegant and classic touch to any outfit.  six // I’m seeing polkas!  seven // Flower flip flops from Born. Cute + comfy, the perfect pair!  eight // Finger candy! My personal nail salon could use an update with some fun new colors perfect for summer!

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