My Week in Photos: A 20/20 Experience

As if you wouldn’t have guessed, yes, my week in photos title coordinates with JT’s album. Duh! His newest CD dropped Tuesday and who ran fora  brain-break to pick it up – along with a pack of Reeses eggs? Yours truly. It was a day maker; perhaps, week maker. It’s safe to say we have thoroughly enjoyed Mr. JT’s album.. the hubs and I both! 

I’m up for a second fabulous week back-to-back because it’s someone’s birthday week!

mwip 3.24.13- 20/20 experience1.  Hoping on the phenom train and leaning into a new book. So far so good, but others seem to think twice about the book. Such as The AtlanticHave you read? What are your thoughts?

2. Leftover concoction: tuna avocado + mushroom couscous.

3. Tuesday Treat: 20/20 Experience + Reeses eggs. Thank you Tuesday!

4. Friday pick-up: Iced maple latte and a to-do list nearing it’s end.

5. Comfy cat. We all know the best part of the sweatshirt are the extra-long sleeves. Colby agrees.

6. Denim + dots. Stepping outside my fashion box and matching up a perfect pair. Dare I mention I had red ankle pants on, too? Blushing.

7. Z is a JT fan. Or, he just likes to rub it in. I received both photos in a text saying “Ha ha I touched it before you.” Yes dear, yes.

8. Gone but never forgotten. Reflecting on a chilly first day of spring.

9. Foodie Favorite! We tried a new place out for lunch and loved it! Which wich? Black bean patty on wheat. Mmm mm, good!

Happy birthday week to me!

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