My Week In Photos: Birthday Bash!

Oh yes, I’ve been MIA birthday partying all week. Ha! Throw in Easter and a couple jobs and here you have it. Neglect. I do apologize and thank you for your patience. My birthday was fabulous, thanks for asking! However, like always, here and gone way too fast. There were tremendous eats and a few sips of adult cocktails enjoyed. And, as if it’s a surprise, it was quite the JT birthday. Perhaps more so than my teeny bopper years.. is that possible? Thanks to my fantabulous hubby!

Aside from my continual hip pain, the week was manageable, fun and filled with family love. Oh, and a sprinkling of friends to add the perfect topping. The oddly-shaped number spheres are my attempt at making Easter eggs.. don’t mind me..

mwip birthday bash

One // Stylin’ duo. The Birthday Girl  + hubby at  a dinner birthday.

Two // Morning treats via the best coworker in town!

Three // Breakfast in bed compliments of the Mr.

Four // Birthday jewels from my day of shopping!

Five // Easter Cat. Can you see Mr. C at the end of the table just waiting for his Easter ham?

Six // Pastels + coffee, the perfect pair.

Seven // Urban Bean deliciousness with a good friend.

Eight // Studly shoulder candy.

Nine // The thoughtfulness of others is truly heartwarming. Unexpected birthday cupcake makes for a fabulous Friday!

Ten // Lacey lilac for Easter eggselence.

Eleven // Hand-made JT concert tickets as a birthday gift from the Mr. Oh yes, they were cashed in for ‘real’ tickets.

Twelve // Innovative outreach. This girl’s starting some freelance work.

Thirteen // Yes, JT is in my home, the usual.

Fourteen // Bug!


I had a fabulous week. Yes, yes indeed. Cheers to spring breaking through the lasting thorns of winter and delighting us with sunshine, warm air and spring time happiness.

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