Married Memories: Five in Five

easter brunch

Five Favorite Memories in Five Months of Marriage. Now is that a mouthful or what? Yes, it’s been five months. Crazy, right? Totally crazy. I’m not sure where time has gone but at the same time it almost feels as if it’s been forever since our wedding. I’m still in a bit of withdrawals. I miss the planning; the anticipation of such a grand event that I had the honor of hosting for so many family and friends. I’ve found ways to help it, for the time being..

While we’ve had quite the ride over the last five months including ups and down, family deaths and family celebrations, there are a few memories that stick out just a tad bit more. Memories that without being said could become just remember when… moments. Today, these are the five memories that top the charts.

christmas couple

Both Z and I’s favorite time of year is our family Christmas traditions. To have experienced them together and as newlyweds, we were on cloud nine. The memories of our first Christmas as mister and missus are ones that we will cherish forever. Sure we’ve spent Christmas together before – heck, I went to his family’s gathering the first year we were together! But there is just something about your first married Christmas together that does the trick!

gym rats

Gym dates
We’re all familiar with the Mister’s New Year’s resolution. If not, it was to eat healthy and get fit. I was about knocked off my rocker when he made the announcement on our drive home from the New Year’s party we had attended (this lady didn’t drink; therefore, soberly drove home). While he’s teetered on the line between the two, he’s made great efforts and still goes to the gym. And those gym dates are moments I feel like a little girl all excited inside. Why? Because fitness has been a long part of my lifestyle and I only wished that it would be a joint venture. Alas, we have gym dates at least once a week most times, more.

grand canyon

California Road trip.
It sounds so cliché. Yeah, let’s drive out to California. Road trip across (half of) the country. Yep, we did it. 2300 miles in 3.5 days with a 4 day stint in Santa Monica. We survived with only a minimal argument while experiencing so many new, adventurous things. And the best part was watching as Z took it all in. I love observing him as we travel. He’s like a kid in a candy shop for the first time.

birthday couple

It’s not only because it was the most recent, but the thought, creativity and personalization that went into my birthday. From the excited chant “It’s almost your birthday!” in bed the night before to breakfast in bed to the handmade gift (leading to a pretty big ticket item) Z executed thoughtfulness, creativity and love. Not a second of the day was spent moping about how old I was. No, I spent every second with a smile on my face and in my heart as my family made me the queen of their worlds.

sometimes you need to prune in order to grow

Finance class
I think it’s a combination of tradition, going to church and embracing money that this makes my top five. It’s something most people cringe at. Heck, I hated money before I opened my eyes, was honest with myself and embraced it. And now, it’s not just me but Z, too! Rather than dread the thought of buying a new car, student loan of investing in a house, we are excited to work the principles and buy a car with cash! And we anxiously await the next student loan payment with excitement at how much more than the minimum payment we can knock off!

What are some of your fondest newlywed memories?

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